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Kimchi Powered

Kimchi Powered

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    Platform(file sharing)
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  • Total Volume
    540 million
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Kimchi Powered's goal is to create a payable P2P file sharing system. Just like ‘Bit Torrent’. The payment method for this system is SJ (Spirit Jonber) coin. We leverage existing ‘Secure BlockChain’ technology, and we also use existing P2P file exchange algorithms. Blockchain technology only allows us to be involved in the payments, and we're patenting such algorithms. We're not going to do anything untimely, like putting the weird information in the blockchain.


  • Pierrot Park (Park Jung-min)


  • Yodel Jung (Kiyoung Jung)

    CEO, 대장

One word to Investors

Too much investment beyond your mental that can make you and your family kicked out of the street.


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